Beauty24 Beauty Products All Dulhans Should Add To Thier Bridal Vanity Kit

    24 Beauty Products All Dulhans Should Add To Thier Bridal Vanity Kit

    Countdown ho chuka hai shuru, and with every day that passes, the worry of “kuchh kharab na ho jaye“sab theek hoga na?!” doubles. Itni bhaag daur mein, it’s very common to miss out on the small details. And one of the major things that you cannot afford to miss is your bridal vanity kit. Think of it as your zinda jeeta jagta assistant who’s going to solve all your beauty, skin and hair care problems. You might not need all of the things but what if…?

    Yeh “if” ke chakar mein padhne se achchha hai you go through our curated checklist of items that you’ll be needing before and after the D-Day, and start crossing things off as you pack. 

    12 Makeup Products That Your Bridal Kitty Should Have

    For all the running around that you’ll be doing in preparations of the shaadi ki rasme, you still need to look like a diva, right? Here’s a list of items that you’ll be needing to keep your face radiant and glamorous. 

    1. Primer

    If you want your skin to properly breathe and have a glowing face all day and night, a good quality primer is absolutely essential. Buy a primer which is filled with nutrients and healthy ingredients. 



    2. Foundation Or BB Cream 

    You can either go for a foundation which gives you full coverage or choose a BB cream nearest to your shade for a more laid back option. Make sure your base is even because otherwise it would ruin your pictures. 

    3. Concealer 

    Coming right after your foundation is your concealer, although not always necessary you should definitely have it on hand in case you stay up late one night and wake up to dark circles. 

    4. Face Powder

    A must for summer weddings if you want your makeup to look matte finished all day. 

    5. Blush

    For that flushed and fresh look, a little blush goes a long way. It adds more definition to your face and cheekbones.


    6. Eyeshadow Palette 

    24 Sabse Zuroori Beauty Products To Add To Your Bridal Vanity Kit 

    Pick up a versatile palette that has all the basic colours and a range of nude shades that will compliment all your shaadi looks. 

    7. Eyeliner 

    Aside from your basic black eyeliner, pick up a few different colours in case you want to try something new spontaneously on a whim. 

    8. Kajal 

    Kajal ke bina to list adhuri hai, purchase a black smudge free kajal pencil that will last you even after the shadi season is over.

    9. Mascara 

    Go for a waterproof (check the reviews) long lasting mascara that will add more life to your lashes and make them look fuller and longer. You can also put on a pair of lashes, if you love them long and prominent.



    10. Highlighter 

    Just a sweep of a highlighter across your face can add definition to your cheeks and nose, making these features prominent like no other makeup product can.

    11. Lipstick 

    24 Sabse Zuroori Beauty Products To Add To Your Bridal Vanity Kit 

    All your looks are incomplete without the last dab of your favourite lipstick. Carry a few shades like nudes, reds and pinks that compliment your skin and always keep extras in hand just in case. 

    12. Setting Spray 

    Applying all that makeup is going to take time and you don’t want all that to go to waste, right? A good setting spray will ensure that does not happen. You can also use it to evenly spread and blend the product on your face. 

    9 Skin Care Products That You Must Include In Your Bridal Kitty

    It’s a no-brainer that makeup, sweat and shaadi ka stress will really affect your skin. To ensure that your skin does not break out and has lasting problems, you need to nourish your skin and keep it hydrated. What’s more, your makeup would sit evenly and last long if you don’t moisturise your skin first.



    1. Moisturiser 

    First and foremost, sab kuchh bhul sakte ho but forgetting your moisturiser is not an option. Bridal or not, you need to keep your skin hydrated and nourished throughout the day. Don’t forget to apply a generous amount before applying your makeup. Let it get absorbed into your skin entirely before you start with your makeup routine.

    2. Rose Water 

    For keeping your face moisturised and fresh. You can use it as a second layer of moisturiser or give your regular moisturising cream a miss and use this instead. Make it a part of your beauty regime to keep your skin healthy throughout your wedding. 

    3. Sunscreen 

    Another vital kit essential that you must (must!) have in your kit and everyday skin care routine. It will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays in the daytime. And if you’re having a day wedding, you absolutely cannot not have a high-spectrum sunscreen in your kitty.

    4. Face Wipes 

    Dhul, paseena and oil can (and will) ruin your makeup look. Keep a few packs of face wipes to dab away the oil and dust without bothering your makeup. They can instantly make you feel more put together in a matter of a few swipes. 



    5. Lip Balm

    Not even your daily care kit is complete without a trusted lip balm. Go for a simple nourishing formula that will hydrate your lips, prevent them from chapping, and make your lip colour look even.

    6. Oil-Based Makeup Remover 

    Your daily cleanser will not be enough to remove the layers and layers of makeup you’re wearing. Therefore, it’s best to invest in a quality makeup remover which can break away the toughest waterproof makeup. 

    7. Face Cleanser / Face Wash

    There’s no skipping over this step at the end of the day, despite you having to stay on your feet throughout the day. Wash away all the accumulated dirt and makeup, so they don’t clog your pores overnight and damage your skin. In fact, double fold your efforts to keep your skin healthy and supple by using an oil-based makeup remover before you wash you can wash your face again with a gentle face wash. 

    8. Face Mask 

    There’s nothing more relaxing than a soothing face mask after a tiring day and you’ll be having a lot of those with all your pre and post-wedding shenanigans, and your D-Day to top that. If you’re into DIY, you can make a facemask using hald (turmeric)i, dahi (yoghurt), aloe vera or a natural fruit mask. Alternatively, you can buy a few different face sheets that will detox, nourish and supplement your skin with all the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to detox your skin.



    9. Miscellaneous 

    Consider adding a face mist to spritz a generous amount of it to set your makeup. After all, you wouldn’t dream of seeing your wedding makeup all smudged up after all the effort and time you’ve put in to look perfect. If you tend to have puffy eyes after a long, tiring day, an eye cream and a face exfoliators may just be the beauty companions you’re looking for to keep you feeling and looking fresh throughout the wedding events. 

    3 Hair Care That Should Be A Part Of Your Bridal Kitty

    Aapki zulfein aapki shaan hai, and at your wedding, they deserve all the love and care in the world. Make sure you’re not using hair care products that are full of harmful chemicals. They’ll do you more harm than good in the long run.

    1. Hair Oil 

    You’ll want to flaunt elaborate hairstyles each day but before you put your hair through all the tugging and styling, make sure you massage your scalp with oil to not only restore hair health but also de-stress you. 

    2. Shampoo & Conditioner 

    After oiling your hair, wash it off thoroughly with a nourishing shampoo properly, followed by deep conditioning your strands.


    3. Hair Mask 

    Lastly, conclude your hair care routine with a hair mask that is specifically suited for your hair type before all the hectic rasme starts. Follow the 3-step regimen and you’ll thank yourself later for making the effort.

    13 Miscellaneous Products To Add To Your Checklist  

    Apart from all the things mentioned above there are so many other things that you will need to get ready. Here’s a short list of important items you should have at an arm’s distance.

    1. Makeup brushes, sponges and other application tools
    2. Eyelash curler
    3. Hair straightener
    4. Hair combs 
    5. Q-Tips and cotton balls 
    6. Cotton wipes 
    7. Bobby pins and safety pins
    8. Hair accessories
    9. Nail polish and remover 
    10. Small mirror 
    11. Hand sanitisers
    12. Sanitary napkins 
    13. Perfume and deodorant

    The above checklists will help you stay organised and all set before your special arrives. Make sure you get more than one pack of each beauty product, so that in case one gets lost, you always have the other one as a backup. 

    #BeALittleMore prepared and ready to fly your way through your shaadi high on energy and confidence. So go girl and shine!


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