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6 Tips To Choose The Right Under Eye Cream & Apply It Like A Pro

When it comes to skincare, many of us overlook the eye, and many of us believe that regular moisturising cream is enough to take care of the area around the eyes. But the reality is so far away from the truth. Under-eye creams serve a definite purpose, which even the best moisturisers cannot offer you. 

The area around the eyes is more fragile and delicate than the rest of the face as it has fewer oil and moisture glands. This leaves the area at a higher risk of being prone to wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. Add to that, unhealthy lifestyle habits and ever-growing stress aggravates these symptoms. And finally, UV damage is the enemy of several skin conditions, including those we just mentioned. The woes do not end here. All these factors can cause the tissues under your eyes to swell as a result of fluid retention, which also causes the perennial issue of puffiness and premature ageing.

The Channel 46 caught up with Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director & Head of Marketing at Laneige, who discusses how to choose the right under-eye cream and the correct method to apply it.

3 Tips To Consider While Selecting The Right Under-Eye Cream 

6 Tips To Choose The Right Under Eye Cream & Apply It Like A Pro

Here are 3 hacks that can help you win choosing the right under-eye cream!

1. Consider Your Skin Concerns

When choosing an eye cream, it is extremely important to consider your skincare needs and concerns. These are the first few parameters you need to take into account to prevent dark circles from appearing under your eyes as well as to treat them effectively if it does appear. Contrary to popular opinion that an under-eye cream is essential only when you already have concerns like fine lines, dark circles, or puffiness under your eyes, the reality remains that you need to introduce it to your daily skincare routine even before you notice these signs of ageing and stress. After all, prevention is better than cure, ain’t it? It is much easier to control these signs from arising than resort to the time-consuming process of treating them after they’ve already made their presence felt. 

2. Start As Early As 20

Most of us are perplexed as to the age that is the most appropriate for starting to use an under-eye cream. It is best to start as early as 20 years of age, to ensure that the damage is minimal and also postpone the onset of the visible signs of ageing and lifestyle disorders like stress. The sooner you begin using eye cream, the longer you will be able to enjoy its benefits. In your 30s, you should be looking at eye creams that are potent and concentrated, and in your 40s and 50s, you need to focus on eye creams that target dehydration, age concern, and extreme puffiness. 

3. Take A Close Look At The Ingredients

Ingredients are essential and can always make you win. The ideal under-eye creams should contain antioxidant and hydrating components like hyaluronic acid, Vita-E, Niacinamide, Ceramide, Adenosine and Vitamin K, just to name a few. These actives are just what you need to keep the under eyes well moisturised, ensure blood circulation, and maintain elasticity, so the fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness don’t appear.  

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3 Things To Keep In Mind To Apply Your Under-Eye Cream The Right Way

6 Tips To Choose The Right Under Eye Cream & Apply It Like A Pro

To get the most out of your eye cream, being aware of the correct application method is very important. Without that, you may be defeating the purpose of applying your under-eye cream altogether. 

1. When To Apply

To begin with, you should ensure you are applying an eye cream at the right step. As eye creams are used for focus and protection, and have smaller molecules that allow them to get absorbed deep into the layers of your skin, those with extremely sensitive skin should apply them right after using a toner and before dabbing on serum step in order to prevent any irritation. In contrast, those with normal to dry skin should apply them right after the serum and before the final moisturising step to maximise the benefits. You should apply it at night and in the morning, to get the most out of your eye cream!

2. How To Apply

You should take an adequate amount and make tiny dots just underneath your eye while gently massaging in a circular motion to stimulate the blood flow for brighter-looking eyes. Use your ring finger to apply the cream with a gentle touch. This will prevent irritation and also keep your eyes from getting hurt due to the exertion of excessive pressure.

3. Where To Start Applying

Start the application from the inner corner, while working your way outward. Keep the cream away from your lower eyelashes when applying it.

No matter what the weather or skin type is, eye cream should be applied every day as it plays a vital role in skin care and in maintaining an even complexion. And a healthy under-eye devoid of apparent fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness won’t be too far away!

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