BeautyHair CareBuzz 46: 5 Beauty Secrets From Birthday Girl Ananya Panday

Buzz 46: 5 Beauty Secrets From Birthday Girl Ananya Panday

Swipe left in the gallery below to know the best-kept skin and hair care secrets of the Bollywood diva, Ananya Panday, on her birthday, 30th October.

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Desi Nuskhe: 5 Skin & Hair Care Secrets From Birthday Girl Ananya Panday
Ananya Panday is a rising Bollywood celeb. Apart from persistence and hard work towards her craft, there is a lot more that goes into making that cute face look bright and those shiny locks as bouncy as they are. On Ananya Panday’s birthday (30th October), let’s take a look into her beauty routine for roop twacha and ghane lambe zulfein.
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1. Haldi-Shahad-Dahi (Turmeric-Honey-Yoghurt) Ubtan
One of the best kept secrets to the diva’s flawless skin is a face pack from these easily available kitchen ingredients. But she strictly warns that the ubtan should not be left to dry on the face for more than 15 minutes. This is precisely the time that the face pack needs to show the tinge of radiance on the skin.
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2. Nariyal Tel (Coconut Oil) & Coffee Scrub
Another home remedy that is Ananya’s favourite is a blend of coconut oil and coffee powder that exfoliates dead cells on the skin’s surface, revealing its natural glow and tone. It also provides the skin with the nourishment that it needs for its overall health.
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3. Sunscreen Is A Life Saver. Quite Literally.
For your skin, a good SPF-enabled sunscreen is indeed a life-saver. And the actor seconds this claim. She never leaves her skin wanting for a generous layering of sunscreen to not just prevent tan but also keep severe skin conditions at bay. That apart, she also dabs moisturiser on her liberally for much-needed hydration throughout the day.
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4. Rose Water To The Rescue
After the haldi-shahad-dahi ubtan, Ananya swears by a few spritz of rose water on her face to further moisturise her skin and leave her feeling refreshed.
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5. Deep Conditioning For Her Hair
Irrespective of how busy the Bollywood star is with her shoots, she makes sure to oil her hair thoroughly once in a week. It serves as food and nutrition for her luscious tresses, making her hair look shiny, bouncy, voluminous, and healthy.
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