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    Your Guide To Applying Lipstick Perfectly

    Lipsticks and lipstick makeup are every girl’s first makeup crush! But haven’t we all had a love-hate relationship with them? How often do you find lipstick on your teeth as you desperately try to swish your tongue over it, wondering why this keeps happening? From those pesky dry lips when you apply a matte lipstick to lip colours that bleed, these sticks of beauty can give you a fair share of trouble. Though lipstick trends change, these problems remain constant. But don’t you worry! We have some effective lipstick tips to solve them.

    Whether you want the latest Kylie Jenner look or a simple smooth application, a step-by-step approach helps you to flaunt your makeup look like a pro.

    6 Step Lipstick Application Technique To Get The Perfect Pout

    1. Prep Your Lips

    Prep Your Lips
    1. Applying lipstick makeup flawlessly requires some prep. Prepping your lips is as important as prepping your face for makeup.
    2. Apply a generous amount of lip balm and let the lips be moisturised for a couple of minutes.
    3. Exfoliate your lips and remove any dry skin. It prevents the lipstick from looking patchy and peeling off. Choose an old toothbrush and lightly brush over your lips.
    4. Use a lip primer to fill out any unevenness. The primer also ensures your lipstick stays in place longer. Lip primers may not be a regular item to use but have their advantages to make your lipstick application better.
    5. Dry, chapped lips are not a pleasant sight- so making a habit of keeping your lips moisturised helps. A good way to start your makeup routine is to generously apply some lip balm and then continue with your makeup. When you get to the lips in the end, they’re well-moisturised. 

    2. Lipstick Concealers

    Lipstick Concealer

    Lipstick concealers are a great choice for women who want to correct their dark-coloured lips. Any discolouration or uneven lip tones can be modified with a concealer. Many women don’t know how to apply lipstick the right way when faced with such issues. Blend in a concealer around and on your lip line with a small brush. Choose shades that match the tone of your skin or a shade close to your lip’s tone. Concealers do a good job of giving it a fuller look when paired with some lip liner and a dab of lip gloss. 

    3. Don’t Underestimate The Beauty Of A Lip Liner

    Lip Liner

    The question of the hour is how to apply lipstick perfectly without going overboard or underplaying any aspect. Many of us are guilty of dismissing the lip liner as an additional step to applying lipstick perfectly. Lip liner gives a perfect outline and shape to the lips and there are many tips and tricks that come in handy when trying to apply lipstick perfectly. 

    1. Use a lip liner of a shade closest to the lipstick colour.
    2. For pinks and mauve shades, go for a matching pink/plum liner. For more muted nude shades, apply lip liners in shades of brown or soft pink that match with the tone of your lips.
    3. Contour slightly outside the lip line to achieve a bigger pout.
    4. Accentuate your cupid’s bow with sharper lines using the lip liner.

    With these tips and tricks, you will now know how to apply lipstick perfectly with the help of a lip liner.

    4. Add Definition To Your Lips

    Add Definition To Your Lips

    Did you know you can create that sultry pout even without resorting to lip fillers? Highlighters for your jawline and cheekbones are what lipstick shades are to your lips. Cream-based highlighters can be used on the cupid’s bow for a plumper and fuller look. A subtle touch of a lip gloss or a lighter shade of lipstick in the middle gives it an illusion of fuller lips.

    5. Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

    How To Make Lipstick Last Longer

    We all wish our lipsticks lasted through the day without having to reapply it every few hours. They fade away when eating or simply over a few hours as we keep talking, drinking or licking our lips. While we all know how to use lipstick, let’s learn a little about making it last longer. Follow these pointers and learn how to apply lipstick step by step:

    1. After applying the lipstick, blot onto a tissue paper and pat some powder over your lipstick. Repeat the step twice or thrice. This helps in making the colour last longer. 
    2. Lipsticks also last longer when you use a lip liner of a matching tone to line them and use gentle strokes to fill them up before applying lipstick over it. 

    6. Caring For Your Lips

    Lip Care

    To have your lips always ready and prepped up for the perfect application of lipstick, care for them daily. Regular use of coconut oil, petroleum jelly or lotion keeps lips moisturised. The best time to generously apply some is overnight when your skin can heal and repair itself. You will always be ready the next morning for applying a smooth layer of lipstick. When taking your makeup off, be gentle with your lips and try using oil-based makeup removers. Don’t forget to moisturise them in the end!

    5 Quick Lipstick Hacks To Get That Perfect Look

    1. Use your finger to blend in dark-coloured lipsticks or even lighter shades. This usually works best when trying to mix two different lipstick shades. It helps in even the application of the colour and gives a natural pout to your lips.
    2. Apply, blot, reapply: The trick to ensuring your lipstick lasts long enough. Matte lipsticks last longer than creamier ones. However, if you dab out the excess and reapply the shade in layers, they can last much longer than they do with a single application. 
    3. Avoid using any dark liner with a lighter shade of lipstick. Opt for shades that complement or match one another. 
    4. If you have chapped lips, avoid using lipsticks over them till the time that they can heal and recover. Lipsticks accentuate the cracks and peels on a chapped lip. 
    5. To turn to give a matte look to your glossy lipstick, pat some translucent or white setting powder over your lips and reapply. The powder absorbs the extra sheen and gives it the desired matte look.

    Now that you’re equipped with all the tips and tricks to applying lipstick flawlessly, go ahead and flaunt a perfect pout for your next big occasion!

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