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    10 Important Summer Makeup Tips & Products To Sweat-Proof Your Look

    All of us who apply makeup regularly know the slight apprehension that comes with the joyful summers. The image of makeup dripping down the cheek flashes like a nightmare before the eyes. Learning a few summer makeup tips can help you choose the right products that will keep you looking fresh and dewy! The thought of skipping makeup doesn’t seem too right so we hold back on outdoor activities and participate only half-heartedly. Learning how to sweat-proof makeup sounds like a herculean task so we even hesitate to venture into that territory. But it is much easier to beat the sweat from ruining your makeup than you think. Here are some summer makeup tips that will help you to worry less about breaking a sweat with your makeup on. 

    Why Does Summer Feel Like Disaster For Your Skincare and Makeup?

    Excessive sweating during the summer season makes us overhaul our makeup and skincare products and routines to something that feels lighter on the skin. More sweat increases instances of pore clogging and dirt accumulation. Bacteria infected hair follicles, acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation under the sun, and fungal infections intensify the sweaty and moist skin conditions.  If you have oily sking, then here is your guide on how to do makeup for oily skin.

    If not chosen correctly, most makeup and skincare products can feel greasy and sticky in summers and can aggravate your summertime skin woes. That flawless summer makeup look can easily elude you if you do not sweat-proof your makeup.

    10 Summer Makeup Tips To Maintain A Dewy Glow

    Yes, sweat-proof makeup products are a reality. By using waterproof and soft summer makeup you can save yourself a lot of stress. Here is all you need to do:

    1. Choose A Good Primer

    Take care to always apply a good primer on your face before putting any makeup on. Primer acts as a base surface on which the rest of the makeup holds on to. It is also a shield over your skin, helping it to not come in direct contact with chemical products. Let your primer be oil-free to prevent pore congestion. 

    2. Pick Up A Sweat Proof Foundation

    A good water-based foundation that is waterproof as well is your best bet for an effective summer makeup product. Thick foundations are more susceptible to melting off when you get sweaty. Lightweight concealers and foundations, applied in just the right amount of requirement ensure good coverage and less running down your face.reen

    3. Use A Sun Protection Factor

    SPF sunscreens are a must when the sun is glaring down extra hard. Combining a water-based foundation (with additional SPF protection is a bonus!) with a broad-spectrum sunscreen completes your layer of protection and locks the basic part of your makeup firmly in place. 

    4. Choose Wisely Between Powders Vs. Creams

    Cream-based products are more effective when you know that your day’s activities could induce some sweat. Fixing powders, eye shadows, blush, etc. should be replaced with cream-based products for the same purposes. Cream-based products absorb or merge well with your skin or the underlying layer of makeup and so do not run the risk of melting down. Make a witty choice for your summer makeup looks and avoid powder-based products that may end up looking cakey once you start sweating.

    5. Go For A Fixing Powder

    When you do need to mattify your look, use a fixing powder in a minimal amount, and preferably a translucent one. This is an essential makeup tip for oily skin in summer. Tinted face powder will immediately show in case of a meltdown whereas a translucent one won’t.

    6. Waterproof Eye Makeup Is Your Best Bet

    Waterproof eye makeup has been an ultimate choice—regardless of season—for a long time now. Its smudge-free and waterproof factors make it ideal for summer makeup. Liquid eyeliners last longer on greasy eyelids, as do waterproof mascaras on eyelashes. Watch this fun video of real women applying eyeliner. If you relate to ‘Ms Missed The Whole Point’, then it’s time for you to up your eyeliner game!

    7. Don’t Forget Lip Care

    The skin on your lips is much more sensitive compared to the rest of the face and it needs much more care. Look for a Lip Balm with SPF. The harsh sun can result in chapped lips even in summers. Add mild lip scrub to your routine, and a Lip Balm with SPF. 

    8. Opt For A Long-Lasting Lipstick 

    If after applying a protective and conditioning lip balm you still want a bright tint, use a long-lasting liquid colour on top of your lip balm.

    9. Blotting Paper Is At Your Rescue

    Keeping a pack of blotting paper in your bag will come in handy when you start feeling greasy during the day. Just lightly press some blotting paper on your face and it will absorb the excess oil and sweat without ruining your makeup!

    10. Use A Setting Spray To Top It All

    No one wants to be doing makeup touch ups all day long. Firmly set your summer makeup in place using a setting spray. Keep the spray bottle about an arm’s length away from your face and spray in short bouts. This helps in even application all over your face.  

    11 Must-Have Summer Makeup Products To Look Flawless All Day

    For the perfect summer glow makeup, certain products are a must. To keep looking fresh throughout the day without letting the heat and sweat worry you, here are the absolute essentials you need:

    1. Primer

    You cannot expect your makeup to last long without basing it on a good primer that is also not oil-based. Lakme, Sugar Cosmetics and Smashbox are a few recommended brands with top of the line primers.

    2. Waterproof Foundation With SPF

    A waterproof foundation is a sweatproof foundation that keeps meltdown at bay. With added SPF it is the ultimate summer boon. Opt for Maybelline, L’oreal or Estee Lauder for great foundations.

    3. SPF Lip Care

    Lips too need to be shielded against the sun and we often forget that. Keep your lips smooth and happy with a Lip Balm with SPF. To get smooth, plump and hydrated lips, use Tinge’s Agave Lip Balm. 

    4. Blotting Paper

    Do not forget to keep a bunch in your bag. It is the best check in case of a sweaty ambush. Pick your favourite from Miniso, Cossess or Authentic Store.

    5. Cream-Based Eyeshadows & Blushes

    Though powder-based makeup does add a mattifying effect, their use must be minimalized and just adequate in the summers. Cream-based and liquid products last longer. 

    6. Sunscreen

    Protection from the sun is what you ultimately need to do. A good non-comedogenic (one that does not block the pores) sunscreen is a must-have. If your skin is tanned because of sun exposure, there are many tan removal creams you can try to reduce discolouration.

    7. Light Colours

    Summers are all about playing with light and bright shades. You need to leave the darker colour palette behind for a natural summer makeup looks.

    8. Setting Spray

    Keeping your makeup in place is the primary concern during hot and sweaty weather. You just cannot do without some setting spray.

    9. Waterproof Eye Makeup

    A darling for all seasons, waterproof summer eye makeup lasts long and remains smudge-free. Some popping eye makeup that doesn’t need touch-ups is a blessing! For those who prefer vegan products, Tinge’s Multishade Stick and Eye Pencil are perfect.

    10. Matt Makeup Powder

    Though, as said before, powder-based makeup should be avoided to prevent a cakey result, but a thin coverage all over the face to even out any greasiness is just fine. It is like a rescue tool that you must keep at hand.

    11. Fragrance

    Nothing can ruin your perfect summer makeup look other than a bad body odour. While keeping your face makeup in place is one concern, you possibly cannot escape having a good fruity-floral fragrance with you to combat the body odour. 

     Additional Tips To Prevent Common Makeup Mistakes 

    • Matt Makeup Depends On Your Skin Type: Makeup tips for oily skin in summer is difficult to maintain and so, a mattifying face powder is good to top off your makeup with. Better if you go with cream-based mattifies
    • Do Not Apply Fixing Powder Too Frequently: But face powder is recommended only for a finishing touch when you first apply your makeup. Do not keep applying it every time you feel greasy or it most definitely will end up in a cakey look (maybe not so much if you have drier skin)
    • Blotting Sheets Are Needed: Use blotting paper to get rid of sweat and grease from your face during the day. It keeps your makeup intact while doing its job
    • From SPF to SPF: Choose all of your summer products with SPF formula to keep the sun off your skin as much as possible
    • Invest In BB Cream: If you do not wish to wear layers of makeup on your day of summer frolic, a good BB Cream is your one-stop shop. It never gets old and works just as good for a natural summer makeup look
    • Try Light & Bright: Skip dark makeup for summers. Rather opt for sunnier looks with lighter and brighter colours
    • For A Golden Tan Without Skin Damage: For the tan lovers, a self-tan cream or a bronzer both work well enough to get that sun-kissed look you want. Do not hesitate to put your bronzer to use

    Key Takeaways

    • A mattifying primer is a good start to your makeup regimen and must not be left out whatsoever
    • A waterproof foundation is your ultimate warrior against a complete meltdown
    • Always go for makeup products with SPF formula
    • Leave the dark colours and smoky eyes alone
    • Skip the powder-based colours to choose cream-based ones for makeup longevity
    • Keep blotting sheets at hand. That is your best fuss-free touch-up buddy

    A flawless summer makeup look isn’t too difficult to achieve once you know what effect products tend to make on your skin. You must know that while you rock the look, your skin needs to breathe and it needs to be sun-shielded. Choosing the right products that have SPF formulas and are water-based, should be your mantra. With all the products perfected, all you need is the summer spirit! Do not hold back from the outdoors and boldly play with colours, because it is summertime!   

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