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Rice Water For Hair: Decoding The Benefits Of This Latest Insta Beauty Trend

We all know what rice water is. The starchy liquid that we get when rice is strained from the water it has been cooked in is referred to as rice water. And we throw it away, don’t we? All through these days until now we’ve believed that it’s of no use – for our health, skin, or hair. If we look at it closely, rice water is loaded with vitamins and minerals like Vitamins B, C and E, magnesium, manganese, fibre, and zinc, among others.

That apart, it comprises inositol, the hero ingredient, which is the root of all the shine, bounce, and volume that rice water offers you. And now suddenly, using rice water as a hair care ingredient has caught Instagram by storm and the internet cannot help but rave over it. And quite understandably so. Know its benefits and you may see what a multi-tasker it is! However, there is no evidence yet to prove that this water is indeed great for your hair. So, you need to experiment and see whether it works for you.

5 Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair

Rice Water For Hair: Decoding The Benefits Of This Latest Insta Beauty Trend

Let’s deep dive and take a look at the benefits of rice water as a magic ingredient for your locks.

1. Strengthens Your Hair

Rice water is rich in inositol, which is known for imparting strength to your hair right from its roots. 

2. Boosts Hair Growth

 Inositol again is at the core of encouraging hair growth. It rejuvenates and revitalises your hair. In short, it breathes life and nutrition into your hair strands right from the roots, which is exactly what your locks need to grow and thrive, without losing their sheen, thickness, volume, and overall health. And that also means that it arrests hair fall.

3. Keeps Knots At Bay

Deep conditions benefits of rice water make your strands smooth and sleek enough to prevent the strands from knotting up easily. What does your hair dangle? When hair blows against it. Obviously! But it also happens when your tresses aren’t healthy. They’re too oily, as a result of excessive oil (sebum) on your hair, or frizzy, or too dry. Basically, all the reasons point towards unhealthy hair and scalp. And that’s exactly where the wonders of rice water come in to keep your hair smooth and glossy enough to leave no scope for your hair to get tangled. 

4. Imparts Radiance

The host of vitamins and minerals locked up in rice water bears results in the appearance of hair. When there’s so much nutrition working on the tresses, can health be far behind? It becomes evident in the way your hair shines and shimmers, which is a clear sign of health inside and out. 

5. Makes Strands Thicker

Nourishment from rice water finds its way into improving the thickness of your strands as well. If you especially have fine hair that is prone to breakage because of its brittleness, rice water might be just what your hair is looking for. Use it and you may see your strands putting on a dash of health through its evident thickness. 

3 Possible Side-Effects Of Rice Water On Hair

Rice Water For Hair: Decoding The Benefits Of This Latest Insta Beauty Trend

Apart from rice water not having a science-backed explanation behind its benefits for hair health, there are 3 side effects that you may experience on using this ingredient.

1. Flakiness On The Scalp

Some may experience dandruff-like flakes on the scalp, as a result of dryness. Rice water may sap your scalp of its natural oils, leading to it drying up. So, you may want to steer clear of using this water especially if your hair is already of a dry kind naturally.

2. Protein Buildup On Hair Cuticles

This ingredient is laden with protein, which may get transferred to your hair cuticles, causing an unwanted buildup of the same. Protein is great for your hair but one that causes a buildup doesn’t do your hair or scalp any good.

3. Breakage

Rce water may make your locks prone to brittleness, which may in turn gradually lead to breakage over time. This may be especially true for hair that is low in porosity and of a fine type. Hence, if your hair is of either of these two varieties or both, you may want to think twice before washing your hair with rice water.

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