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5 Hacks To Create The Perfect Messy Hair Bun

Messy bun getting stuff done! With the summers creeping in, messy buns are the back to be the OG hairdo. Although the name suggests ‘messy’, this bun can only be known as an organised mess. And if it seems simple, the perfect messy bun is not easy to achieve. It takes a lot of skill and precision to get the perfect bun. With the correct accessories and products, your messy bun will become your favourite hairstyle. A messy bun does not give you the homeless look but a look of an effortless queen. Here are a few hacks to help you get that elegant messy bun!

5 Tips To Get A Perfect Hair Do Every Time

You can’t get your preferred hairstyle when your hair is greasy. The oil in your hair doesn’t allow products to stick and makes your styling fall apart. There are many other factors that help in getting the perfect hai. Styling the perfect hairstyle takes a little time and effort. Here are 5 tips that can help you do so!

1. Clean Hair 

Clean hair helps set your hairstyle. It is advised to wash your hair the day before or the day of the event and ensure its completely dry. Drying your hair with your head upside down helps build volume in the hair, making the hairstyle look fuller.

2. Hair Part

Be mindful of hair parting. Different types of hair updo styles require a centre or sideways part. Parting the hair in the same way as required for the updo straight after wash makes it easier to proceed with the updo.

3. Prepping The Hair

Your hair needs a lot of nourishment before you begin with any hairstyle. It protects your hair from the heat and styling products. Using a hair product (serum or mousse) before starting on the hairstyle prepares the hair and makes it possible for the hair to hold the shape better. It also protects your hair from any damage. 

4. Deciding On The Updo

The updo hairstyle chosen has to suit the occasion, hair type, hair length and face cut of an individual. A low hair bun looks good for an evening celebration for individuals with long hair. An updo resting at the top of the head, or half updo, suits well for individuals with short hair.

5. Pinning & Securing

There is nothing worse than having your hairstyle come undone in the middle of the function. And running around in a frenzy trying to better your hair is a mess. It is advised to use adequate pins to make sure that the updo is tight but also comfortable. Also, using a setting hair spray is recommended as it takes care of any flyaways which can spoil the entire look of the hairdo.

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