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10 Step Hair Care Routine For The Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is here. After that boiling summer heat, the breezy winds, dark clouds, and rains are nothing less than a treat to the body and soul. However, the fun season can be troublesome to some as it may cause the most annoying hair problems. The unnecessary stickiness in hair due to rain causes clingy or frizzy hair and hair fall. To top that, the rainy season can cause bacterial infections and lead to a head full of dandruff and an itchy scalp. Confused about what you can do? Just follow these simple steps, diligently and say goodbye to all monsoons hair worries!

10 Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Rainy Season

Don’t let the rainy season take a toll on your tresses. There are solutions to everything and if you want to enjoy the monsoons without any damage to your hair, you must follow a routine to prevent your hair from the problems caused by the season. Before you learn the monsoon hair care routine, learn about the bad habits that lead to hair fall. Worried about your hair falling in the rainy season? Here’s detailed information on how to stop hair fall in monsoon.

1. Wash Your Hair Properly

It’s important to keep the hair and the scalp clean during monsoons. Cleanse your scalp and hair thoroughly with a good shampoo, suitable for your hair type. While washing your hair, wet it completely, take some shampoo and mix it with water and then apply. Use circular motions to get a squeaky clean scalp. Don’t go too harsh and massage gently. Make sure the oil on your scalp and hair is removed completely. You can try washing your hair with an anti-dandruff vegan shampoo bar from the Red Dot Shop here.

2. Do Not Skip The Conditioner

The next step is to apply conditioner, choose a nourishing conditioner or hair mask, and apply only to your mid-lengths. If you have thick hair you can use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the conditioner evenly on your hair. Keep it for 5-7 mins and then rinse thoroughly. The right conditioner according to your hair type can work wonders for your hair. A conditioner will help you in keeping your hair soft and smooth. Buy natural rosemary deep hair conditioners from the Red Dot Shop here.

3. Give Your Strands An Oil Massage

Moms are always right. They badgered us as kids to oil our hair, and we are thankful for that. Oil massages in the monsoon can do your mane good. Apply it an hour before your shower – oil acts as an excellent emollient, conditioning and smoothening your strands. Bonus: it also keeps the frizz at bay. But be careful to not overdo it – it could leave a sticky residue if not cleaned thoroughly. Looking for a natural hair oil? Buy homemade hair oil from the Red Dot Shop here.

4. Use The Right Hair Comb

Hair can make or break your look. As much as it is important to have good hair, it is also essential to take care of it without damaging it. It’s time to get rid of the struggle every day in detangling your hair. Use the right comb to detangle your hair. It is advisable to use wide-toothed combs with less static. Always comb your hair at the bottom and then start combing from the roots to avoid breakage. Learn how to detangle your hair without damaging them here.

5. Prevent Hair Fall

Hair fall increases during monsoons, but this is a temporary phase. In order to prevent hair fall, one must maintain a clean and dry scalp. Wash your hair in case it gets wet in the rain. Use a scalp-specific shampoo and masque to ensure a healthy scalp. It is important to oil your scalp and hair in order to maintain the moisture in your hair. Learn about 5 home remedies to reduce hair fall during the monsoon season here.

6. Invest In Anti-Frizz Products

It seems like nothing you do in the monsoon can retain your hair’s bounce and shine – there is just no winning. Oily hair tends to get limp and greasy, whereas dry hair turns into Barbados Monica of Friends. Anti-frizz masques/ conditioners help to control frizz and keep the hair manageable. The use of anti-frizz creams, serums and sprays prolong the anti-frizz action. Use an anti-frizz leave-in serum to combat the frizz and to nourish and smoothen your hair. This will make your hair manageable. Buy natural rosemary hair serum from the Red Dot Shop here.

7. Keep The Styling Products To A Minimum

The humidity and added moisture in the air can make you sweat more than usual. That, accompanied with hair styling products like gels and wax, can result in dandruff. Wash your hair regularly using a mild scalp shampoo that will keep dandruff at bay. Use styling tools and dryers to manage your hair in moderation to prevent static electricity and damage by excessive heat. It would be more beneficial in the long run if you give your hair a hot towel treatment during the oiling ritual.

8. Use Dry Shampoo For SOS Situations

Dry shampoo is the secret weapon to instantly revitalised hair. Monsoons tend to make your hair greasy, listless, and limp, and there is nothing like a spritz of dry shampoo to revive it. Or simply sprinkle some talcum powder on your strands before a Zoom call or post-workout for a fresh and healthy bounce. Buy natural rosemary dry shampoo from the Red Dot Shop here.

9. Opt For Monsoon Friendly Haircuts And Styling 

During monsoons, make it a point to get a regular haircut. Trimming and cutting the hair will not only update your style but will also help in getting rid of stubborn split ends and dryness. Go for hairstyles that are fuss-free and help in preventing tangles and frizz. Some of the recommended hairstyles for the season are a sleek ponytail, a neat bun, and a creative tidy braid. Find 10 easy-to-make hair buns here. If you are planning to get your hair coloured or any other kind of styling then you must wait for the monsoon to end. 

10. Take Precautions

Although staying home is strongly recommended in the present situation, in case you step out, make sure you take safety measures for yourself and remain careful about your hair. Use hoods, scarves, umbrellas, or caps for keeping your hair covered and dry. You can also carry a small hairdryer in your bag to dry your hair in case you get stuck in the rain. Cover your hair whenever you are outside to reduce your hair’s contact with the environment. It will also create a barrier between the excess moisture and your hair and protect your hair up to a certain level.

Hair is the most beautiful part of your body but needs a little extra care and love. Protect it from damage, follow a care routine and eat healthy to maintain healthy hair, all through the year. Explore 5 step monsoon hair care routine and tips for all hair types here. And have healthy hair throughout the year!

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