BeautyBudget Shopper: 5 Perfumes Under Rs 500 That Smell Luxurious

Budget Shopper: 5 Perfumes Under Rs 500 That Smell Luxurious

Parfum, ittar, fragrance – called by many names, perfumes come out of every corner of the world, right from Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh to Grasse, France. The dainty bottle that your maa kept in the dresser for special occasions is a testimony to how a scent can change your mood. 

But, perfumes are usually a hefty spend, with branded ones starting from above Rs 1,500. And that’s why we’ve curated a list of budget fragrances you can splash on every day that smell luxurious and don’t cost as much. In fact, they’re all under Rs 500, so spritz away!

4 Interesting Ways In Which Fragrances Can Impact You Mentally

1. A Scent Can Alter Your Spending Habits

Smells can have an effect on what we buy, how much we spend, and even on our mood when we gamble. From Disneyland to Las Vegas, scents play an important role in determining how and where you spend your money. Certain scents trigger hunger while some create a calm atmosphere of luxury, prompting you to spend more. This trick is used across commercial establishments, right from clothing stores and restaurants to casinos, hotels and spas.

2. Fragrances Can Impact Your Dreams 

Smelling flowers before sleep can lead to more positive dreams. Studies have shown that pleasant smells lead to significantly more pleasant dreams. A scent that helps you create a positive association with a memory from the past will put you in a good mood before bed.

3. Scents Are Used To Treat Insomnia & Stress

Lavender, vanilla, coffee and rose scents are especially helpful. The smell of lavender can help with insomnia, anxiety, stress, and postoperative pain, slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift the mood in people suffering from sleep disorders. The smell of coffee or vanilla is also said to have a calming effect. Many therapists use aromatherapy to help you relax and centre your mind and emotions.

4. Certain Scents Can Improve Your Sex Life

The sense of smell stimulates the nerve endings of the olfactory bulb, which lies at the back of the nose, which in turn stimulates a part of the brain called the limbic system that triggers the libido. Scents like ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, neroli and sandalwood are considered aphrodisiacs.

Did You Know?

The 1470s – Ni’matnama, or the Book Of Delights showcases how infusions were created, for scents enhanced luxurious living, in ancient India.

Budget Perfumes We Love Under Rs 500!

1. Engage Yang Eau de Parfum For Women

This floral and fruity perfume is skin-friendly and an olfactory bliss. A feminine fragrance with refreshing notes of pear and red berries, this heady concoction of fruity, floral and gourmand notes will ensure that you’re not forgotten even after you leave. The top notes of pears, red berries and orange are fresh and light. They smoothly transition to the heart notes of apple, toffee and jasmine that make an appearance once the head notes evaporate. Sandalwood, peach and vanilla make up the base notes, adding to the depth, complexity and long-lasting effect of the fragrance. 

Unique Features: The combination of red berries, jasmine and vanilla creates a full-bodied fragrance that lasts for 24 hours.

Price: Rs 499 for 90ml

Availability: Get it on Nykaa or Amazon at a discounted price!

2. Fogg Women Scent I Am Queen Eau De Parfum

This is a clear, strong scent that makes it a great choice for those who like prominent fragrances. A modern floriental fragrance made exclusively keeping mind Indian weather conditions, this perfume is a classy, bold choice that lingers for a while. It’s fragrance notes include ginger, bitter orange, rose, jasmine, honey-amber accord and sandalwood base note.

Unique Features: It’s a unisex scent that makes a statement with its spirited notes of bitter orange and honey amber.

Price: Rs 500 for 100ml

Availability: Grab one from Flipkart, Amazon or Myntra.

3. WOW Perfumes Aaliya Eau de Parfum

A citrus jasmine fragrance, this perfume is a reflection of the bold and beautiful women of today. With a fresh Muguet note at the heart, it adds a subtle but long-lasting sweetness. The base note of oriental jasmine is enthralling and makes it a classic in the truest sense. The fragrance is mild yet sensuous which instantly gives a refreshing feel and is a great choice for festivals and events.

Unique Features: The beautiful packaging of the perfume is its USP, making it a good gifting choice.

Price: Rs 499 for 100ml

Availability: Order on Amazon, Purplle or ShopClues.

4. Secret Temptation Romance Perfumes For Women

This one is a mix of hyacinth, jasmine, neroli and orange blossom. As you set out to write a love story, this fragrance will be an epic romance between you and your dreams. The top notes of citrus, green, and hyacinth refresh while the heart notes of jasmine, Muguet, and orange blossom create a calming effect. With aromatic mossy, patchouli as the base notes, the fragrance is bold, modern and captivating.

Unique Features: Developed by renowned perfumeries in France, this scent is a subtle one that lasts a long time.

Price: Rs 399 for 50ml

Availability: Shop at Nykaa, Flipkart or Amazon.

5. Envy Natural Spray For Women Perfumes

The alluring freshness of this fragrance exhilarates delightfully irresistible yet soothing feminine, sweet smell that sets you apart from the crowd. Feel fresh and vibrant all day with the top note of orange blossom. The middle note hints at the jasmine flower and the base note consists of rosy and cedar smells.

Unique Features: A premium French perfume, this fragrance is an exotic experience specially designed to make a statement with its lingering notes.

Price: Rs 249 for 60ml

Availability: Buy this at Amazon, Flipkart or Nykaa.

10 Tips To Apply Your Perfumes The Right Way & Make It Last Longer

  1. Don’t just stick to spraying perfume on your body—spritz it all on your clothes too. Clothing fibres are able to hold in scents for a very long time.
  2. Some people spray a bunch of perfume into the air and then walk through it. Avoid that. A direct spritz onto bare skin is all you need to keep the perfume scent on you for longer. 
  3. Spray it on top of your ears. The oilier your skin is, the better it holds scent.
  4. Heat, light, and humidity will break down the perfume and lessen the quality and intensity of the fragrance. Store your perfume bottles in a cool, dry place, like on the vanity in your room and away from windows. 
  5. Rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer. The ointment holds the fragrance to your skin longer than if you were to spray it onto dry skin.
  6. Rub on an unscented lotion before you spritz on your perfume. Using an oil-based homemade moisturiser first will help lock in the scent.
  7. The moisture on your skin will help lock in the scent. So spray the perfume as soon as you step out of the shower.
  8. Don’t dab the fragrance on your wrists after spraying. If you rub your wrists together, your fragrance won’t last as long. 
  9. To make your scent last longer, choose a couple of pulse points. These are warm areas that’ll help diffuse the fragrance across your entire body – wrists, inside the elbows, neck, midriff and behind the knees.
  10. Spraying an alcohol-based fragrance directly onto your hair will dry it out, so instead spray the fragrance on your brush before running it through your hair.

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